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July 26, 2009

November 16, 1970 – A day that will live in infamy!

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Submitted by Long Ball

OK, so maybe it wasn’t really that dramatic or important; nevertheless, to Cowboy Fans it was the lowest of lows.  The first Monday Night Football game appearance for the Cowboys, at the Cotton Bowl against the St. Louis Cardinals and a national TV audience (and Dandy Don, Howard and “Whoa Nellie”) in attendance – and the Cowboys laid the hugest of eggs, losing to the Cardinals 38-0.



May 3, 2009

The Rest of the Raiders ’09 Draft

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-Tim, YOUR Raiders Team Needs Correspondent

A week gone by, UDFA’s signed, and plenty of time to think about the Raider’s Day 2 picks. Let’s start at the begining…

#71 – Matt Shaughnessy, DE Wisconsin. ShauNASTY may not be bringin speed off the edge, but is a stout prescence against the run – a large area of need. There are Raider fans out there (myself included) who hoped that this would be the focus of the draft. A HAMMER at SS is a big help, but we all know that run defense starts at the line. I had DE set as a top need for pirmarily this reason – we need help setting the edge against the run if we want to improve as a team. We’ve got Terdell Sands, Gerard Warren, and, according to Coach Cable, Ryan Boschetti as stout run-defending tackles (Kelly will hopefully bring Sapp-style sacks), so we needed some help on the end. He’ll be competing though,  to take his place amongst 5 DE’s currently on the roster.

#124 – Louis Murphy, WR, Florida. So, maybe I needed to set our WR need, not only at a P1, but also as a multiple need! We received this pick from the Pats, and surprise surprise, this guy is a speed-demon. Murphy, the anchor of Florida’s track team, was left in the dust startdom wise, to Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow. He comes to Oakland with a love of football and a set of wheels (sub 4.4 40), solid hands, but a bit of a slight frame. He has a great attitude, which really seems to be the focus of this draft.

#126 – Slade Norris, DE/OLB, Oregon State. SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE!!!!! Schottey, the Lions correspondent, was kind enough to search his database of players when this pick was made, and came up with this beautiful statement, “Ok, I give up.” Now, Mike isn’t a Raider fan, but there was plenty of that sentiment around Raider Nation (a lot of, “Who is this Kid” and “Another big reach?”) but we welcome him, and his sweet sweet vampire slaying name. In all seriousness though, a speedy linebacker (really don’t see him competing for the SAM LB spot, which we sorely needed), that will make his bread and butter on special teams. My best guess is that he is here to attempt to fill int he shoes of the late Marquis Cooper, a huge loss this offseason.

#199 – Stryker Sulak, DE/LB, Missouri. The Raiders, apparently have decided to change their focus from football, to sweet sweet jersey selling names. I hope this and the last pick pan out, I can see an NFL network replay touting the LB corps of Stryker and Slade, but I digress… Sulak had some great production, but one number sticks out in particular – the 14 forced fumbles (6 his senior year). This, to me, shows an incredible drive and knack for changing the game. This kind of attitude will be a fantastic supplement to our current D. He’ll most likely start out on Special Teams, but if he keeps his motor running, we could really use this kind of nastiness and ball hawk mentality on our defense if we want to return to the SnB days of old (aka – “Lynn Swann, soft”).

#202 – Brandon Myers, TE, Iowa. Potentially Zach Miller’s new BFF. Coach Cable has been mentioning pairing Miller up with another TE to free him for some passing. Miller is a great blocker for being such a credible receiving threat, but faulty tackle play has resulted in his numbers not being what they could. Myers is mostly a blocker, and a solid one at that, lending a lot of power to our two TE  sets could be the “power running” that Mr. Davis suggested was needed. Pass blocking too, should get some more help, allowing for Miller to get a few more routes his way.

All in all, we drafted some high character, high motor players. Maybe not what all the “experts” predicted (I know for sure that our drafttek.com rankings will have the Raiders at the bottom, due to a lot of reaching, but hey – I’m confident that a few years down the line, the retro-grading process, the Raiders will get a fair shake out of drafttek.com :). Our defense, and overall football team needs an attitude adjustment. The culture of loosing faded at the end of last season, which is most evident in hanging on to a 4 quarter lead when we are playing for pride and the other team is playing for a playoff spot. Hang tough Raider Nation, we’re on our way back.

April 27, 2009

2009 NFL DRAFT: Grading the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Submitted by Long Ball


To grade a team’s NFL Draft immediately after its conclusion is utter folly – I am no more clairvoyant than Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock or Rick Gosselin.  Three years of a player’s results should be the absolute minimum to even attempt the process.  However, there are two areas that can be analyzed:  1) team needs fulfillment and 2) value of the pick.


The Jacksonville Jaguars fell short of their goals during the 2008 season – Jack Del Rio has already begun the process of ensuring that does not happen again, in the area of personnel acquisition (and deletion) to mold the roster for success.  For the grades, please click below . . .


2009 NFL DRAFT: Grading the Arizona Cardinals

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Submitted by Long Ball


To grade a team’s NFL Draft immediately after its conclusion is utter folly – I am no more clairvoyant than Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock or Rick Gosselin.  Three years of a player’s results should be the absolute minimum to even attempt the process.  However, there are two areas that can be analyzed:  1) team needs fulfillment and 2) value of the pick.


The Arizona Cardinals followed up their surprising run through the playoffs that ended one game shy of completion with an excellent draft.  Ken Whisenhunt continues to add pieces to the puzzle that should allow the Cardinals to compete at a high level in the NFC West.  For the grades, please click below . . .


2009 NFL DRAFT: Grading the Dallas Cowboys

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Submitted by Long Ball

Dallas Cowboy Apologist


To grade a team’s NFL Draft immediately after its conclusion is utter folly – I am no more clairvoyant than Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock or Rick Gosselin.  Three years of a player’s results should be the absolute minimum to even attempt the process.  However, there are two areas that can be analyzed:  1) team needs fulfillment and 2) value of the pick.


The Dallas Cowboys reverted to a draft strategy from 1995 that failed and brought the team to a level of mediocrity for the following ten years – draft back-up, role and special team players.  Please understand, I am not diminishing the value of special teams – I am promoting it, as I believe special teams truly are 1/3 of the game.  My point is the most successful special teams have starters from other platoons, and a “starter’s mentality” or ego or swagger is necessary for team success.  A team should draft players that can earn a starting role via their production on special teams.


Jerry Jones believes he is Bill Belichick – his moves, however, are those of Klem Kadiddlehopper!  For the grades, please click below . . .


April 26, 2009

The Raiders don’t deserve a grade, but here’s an impression

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-Tim, YOUR Raider Team Needs Correspondent

In fact, it probably isn’t fair to grade any team on a draft until some time has passed and we get to see some action in pads, contested catches, etc. But nonetheless each team no doubt left an impression on their fan base and the draft pudits, and I’ll just be talking a bit about the Raiders first day (second day impressions will follow later, but I think we can all say that the Raiders first day could use a forum for constructive healing).

#7 Overall, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland. Wow, um, wow. Crabtree was still in the green room, Oher was still there too. BJ Raji was out there for all you fans who wanted an adjusted run defense. Goodell comes out, and lays the boom. I felt a little bad for those Raider fans at the draft – standing up in somewhat disbelief, still keeping their Raider Pride smiles on, and waving the silver and black flag. After a day of digestion (and I’ll admit, it took some time), I’m ready to wave my flag as well (Zach Miller Jersey, Raiders Hat). To all the dejected fans out there, hang in there, it IS going to be ok. Yes, right now we look like fools. Speed-thirsty fools. But at least I’m confident in telling people that the Raiders got the players that they wanted. Clearly, at the position that they chose, they wanted DHB and Mitchell. Perhaps they were hoping for Andre Smith or Aaron Curry to fall, and once those players weren’t on the board, they just went with DHB. My larger displacement of anger goes to – the Jets/Browns trade. My guess is that if the Brown’s manned up and pikced somebody, the Raiders would have been the surprise trade partner with the Jets or ‘Skins, and the DHB pick would have happened later, and looked genius. Instead, there was no trade partner, and the Raiders leave Crabtree and Monroe in the booth. Also, for those who really, really, really wanted that O-Line pick, it is my understanding that Khalif Barnes’ contract specified that NO O-Line would be taken the first round (not sure how true that is, but I’ve heard it several places). As for the Crabtree vs DHB – I love how Crabtree fights for the ball – every play he wants it. But DHB does allow us to streatch the field, and apparantly his workout for Oakland alleviated concerns about his hands (not sure how uncontested catches could alleviate those concerns). Anyway for the record, James Jet II will have a 97 speed rating in Madden, so those who want the return of the Davis bomb – we finally have a receiver who can run under it. And who knows – maybe the DHB pick drove the Broncos to move up and get Alphonso Smith (CB out of Wake Forest) – so, DHB is already making an impact int he AFC West.

#47 Mike Mitchell, SS, Ohio U. Wow again a dissapointing reach – at least initially. I had been watching this kid’s name put out there on several blogs, comments, etc, by Raider fans. The other team that I had heard he was linked to though, were the Chicago Bears. Mysteriously enough, after the Raiders picked Mitchell, the Bears traded out of th 49th spot. Now, I’m not one to need validation from other teams to ensure that we got the right players for us, but it is NICE to know that maybe he wasn’t  7th rounder in everyone’s mind (thanks Mayock). The player himself looks great. HARD-hitter, hammer dropping, strong pursuing Saftey. I’m feeling good about him and Tyvon Branch patrolling the defensive backfield/box. Cable said the attitude was the big reason – and we need some more of that win or dye trying attitude. We gave up too many 4th quarter leads last year and the year before – so my guess is that this is all part of changing a losing culture.

Anyway Raider fans – so it didn’t all 100% go our way – whatever, we’ve never needed the approval of the rest of the league before, and we sure as hell don’t need to start now. We’ll know soon how these things work out – and for those of you who would like that pat on the back (you aren’t alone, after almost a decade of dismay, it feels great to hear that we are in the right direction) just know that as far as draft grades go – it looks like the only place to go is up!

April 25, 2009

ODS Draft Day Primer

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Its April 25th and you’re gearing up to work the ODS as part of your draft day activities. Before getting started, head over to the “Simulator Home” page and click the “New Simulation” button. This will reset the ODS to the Drafttek baseline info. In the event that you’ve been running some simulations over the past day or two, the ODS that resides on your machine may remember those trades you made and still have them in memory. Best to start draft day from a clean slate.

a) First Pick announced! Detroit selects OT Jason Smith!!

Here’s what you do! Go to the “Grab and Lockout” page, and enter Jason Smith in the grab column with Detroit as the team. Be sure and select the proper position, OT. If you put in the wrong position (say OG), the remainder of Detroits draft will be affected – the model will continue to have high priority on OT. Then go to “Start Simulator” and simulate!


ODS Draft Day User Guide

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A few pointers here to those following along the draft with the ODS Resimulator.  A few weeks ago (April 7 to be precise), we published a comprehensive guide for using the ODS on Draft Day.  Its on this blog down below.  But here are a few more items for ODS users:


Stafford Signs

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-Friday 4/24/09 11:14 PM EST

Matthew Stafford has signed a 6 year, 74 mil (78 w/incentives) contract with 41.7 mil guaranteed.

Congratulations are due to both Matthew Stafford and agent Tom Condon for getting the historic deal done before the draft. All indications are still that a deal had been made in principal with Aaron Curry and if Detroit had been physically on the clock, would’ve selected the Wake Forest LB.

Detroit fans–for the most part–are not happy about two things.

1) Where was the supposed leverage? Condon got just about everything he wanted in this deal. The whole point of talking with multiple picks is supposedly to get the best possible deal.

2) After chants of “Don’t draft Stafford”, the organization that has angered fans with constant skill position picks instead of drafting the BPA has done it again. Lions’ fans have long memories. Stafford is not going into a situation with a lot of fan support.

The mantra of Denzel Washington in “Remember the Titans” was “Be Perfect.” That is my only advice for Matthew Stafford. As of yet, you have not impressed the Detroit fan base, but you will be given every chance to. Speaking for Lions’ fans, I have to say this. We will support you and wish you the best. This is a blue collar town. No one will ever fault you for giving 100%…Make Detroit forget about Chuck Long, Andre Ware, Joey Harrington. Prove to Detroit that Martin Mayhew is everything Matt Millen isn’t. We will not excuse you but we will support you.

April 22, 2009

#1 Pick Update

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-Michael Schottey: Senior Writer/NFL Analyst

Here’s the skinny. Conflicting reports are coming out of Allen Park. Dave Birkett is reporting a deal is done and (team president) Lewand met with Ford today to get a deal done. Tom Kowalski (MLive) has two sources saying that is false. Normally I prefer reading Birkett but Killer is the standard of Lions’ beat reporters. It doesn’t really matter in the end who has the better sources…It could all be a smoke screen.

So once again, nothing has happened. Don’t believe something has happened until you see Stafford/Curry/Smith in a Lions’ jersey.

My take is this. I believe right now, they have made the choice on Stafford but do not want to pay him like he wants to be paid. I believe they are ready to take Curry as well. All things being equal at this point I still believe Curry is the more likely pick because of economics and negotiations. His talent is better and Lewand will argue that Stafford needs to sign with Detroit because he’ll otherwise fall to Seattle or LOTS farther. Stafford/Condon aren’t going to budge.

Stay tuned the actual report should be in the next day or so. Friday at the latest.


The Lions have a agreement in principle with Aaron Curry but have given Stafford a Friday deadline to come to terms. Stafford IS THE PICK if he meets the Lions at their asking price.

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